Welcome to Mental Health America of Fort Bend County (MHAFBC).  We are considered to be the comprehensive resource for mental health and mental illness in this community.

This organization was created in response to the results of the Mental Health Needs Assessment Project in 1989.  This was a survey initiated and conducted by a selected group of Fort Bend County residents, educators, business leaders, and elected officials. The results indicated that access to affordable mental health care and information on mental illness was severely lacking. MHAFBC was formed to address these very needs.  Our  mission continues to be to improve the lives of Fort Bend residents through education, advocacy, and linking the community to mental health resources.

Mental Health America of Fort Bend County (formally Mental Health Association of Fort Bend County) has provided information to thousands of Fort Bend residence on the nature of mental illness, preventative care, and has created a Behavioral Health Resource Guide.   As a result of our efforts, many residents with mental disorders and depression are enjoying fulfilling, productive lives and we have made significant strides on reducing the stigma of mental illness.

Today the organization provides leadership in mental health education and advocacy to the most diverse and fastest growing county in the nations, as reported by the New York Times in 2013.

MHAFBC's services include:


·         Promoting awareness about mental health in the community through education and training

·         Representing  the needs of people with mental illness

·         Coordinating collaborative coalitions

·         Offering screenings which measure the degree to which someone is struggling with depression, anxiety, bipolar            disorder, PTSD, eating disorders, and alcohol abuse.

·         Advocating to increase and improve access to mental health services

·         Coordinating educational workshops for mental health professionals

·         Participating in county policy committees


The MHAFBC is one of more than 340 affiliate members of the Mental Health America and one of the six affiliates of the Mental Health America in Texas. Other state affiliates are located in Abilene, Greater Dallas, Greater Houston, Southeast Texas, and Greater Tarrant County.


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